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Great indie rock bands have long made a habit of recasting the music of our parents' youth. Turn on Dr. Dog, Olivia Tremor Control, or the Black Angels for just a few examples of bands who make glorious new music in classic molds. Now take the idea a step further. Take the homage just far enough that you can imagine yourself experiencing, say, the Beach Boys in their prime, but with fresh songs not tempered by a generation of Sweatin' to the Oldies. This is elation without irony. This is the Explorers Club's debut album, Freedom Wind. The Beach Boys are the obvious touchstone, but dig a bit deeper and you'll hear flourishes of Paul McCartney, the Byrds, Emitt Rhodes, ELO and doo-wop. Embracing a pop blueprint from a time when great songs were played on the radio and everybody loved them all, the Explorers Club has recorded the sweetest pop record you are likely to hear this year. True, in lesser bands, such a thing might be tough to stomach. For every Clientele out there, there's a lackluster vintage-inspired indie rock band loading a Rhodes onstage. But here's the thing: The Explorers Club also happen to write undeniably catchy pop songs. Whether it is the soaring harmonies of "Forever," the playful psychedelia of "In the Country," or the classic choruses of "Do You Love Me?" or "Last Kiss," give in to the Explorers Club's youth, exuberance, class, and musicianship. You will soon be rolling down the windows and singing harmony at the top of your lungs. Freedom Wind was recorded in the summer and fall of 2007, a triumph of lush arrangements and cushy four-part harmonies. With an ensemble of guitars, accordion, banjo, mandolin, organs, piano, lap steel guitars and more, the Explorers Club's layered sound buzzes with warmth, creating timeless orchestral pop. It's an album of A-sides each of the 11 vocal tracks (there is one instrumental) are magnificent pop hits, ready for the airwaves. This type of pleasure-seeking pop sound historically hails from beachside towns, and the Explorer's Club is no exception; their home is not an iconic California surf city but Charleston, South Carolina. Twenty-six-year-old Jason Brewer does the songwriting and arranging, while the complex vocal harmonies come courtesy of James Faust, Wally Reddington, and David Ellis. Filling out the instrumental sound of the Explorers Club on organ and drums, respectively, are Stefan Rogenmoser and Neil Thomas. The Explorers Club are doing for the summer beach song what Amy Winehouse has done for R&B or Sharon Jones for funk and soul, what Antibalas have done for Afro-beat. They're reclaiming the classics as their own, injecting them with life, and making music that that transcends any era. This is how pop music is supposed to sound. Prepare yourself. Freedom Wind is the soundtrack to the summer of 2008.

The Explorers Club Perform For The Loft Sessions

The Explorers Club will be performing on XM’s Loft Sessions this coming Monday, 12/22/08, at noon. If that doesn’t fit your schedule, no worries as the session will be re-airing at the following times on Sirius 29 / XM-50 The Loft:

Monday – 12/22 – 8:00pm
Wednesday – 12/24 – 2:00pm
Friday – 12/26 – 3:00am
Monday – 12/29 – 1:00am
Monday – 01/05 – 2:00am

For more information, head over HERE.

The Explorers Club Share First Music Video

The praise surrounding the Explorers Club’s album Freedom Wind typically references the band’s reverence for the classic summery pop sounds of the 60s and 70s and their love of timeless pop songwriting is undeniable. There are songs that would not sound out of place on oldies radio – and the band captures both the sound and spirit of an era where the radio could be relied on for great music. The first video from The Explorers Club offers a similar sense of nostalgia – “Do You Love Me?” harkens back to an era where MTV was fresh and fun – when you could rely on the network for revealing a visual component to your favorite pop music. Playful and fun, the Explorers Club’s lighthearted video perfectly captures one of Freedom Wind‘s many highlights.


Listen to the Explorers Club on the Sound of Young America

On the Explorers Club’s recent US tour, the band stopped by the Sound of Young America’s studio in Los Angeles for a fantastic in-depth interview and performance. It will air nationally this weekend, but you can listen online anytime, at the Sound of Young America’s blog.


The Explorers Club kick off tour with Lightspeed Champion

Last night in Hoboken, NJ The Explorers Club kicked off a North American tour with Lightspeed Champion. If you have not seen our pop loving friends from South Carolina and they are passing through your town, there is absolutely no excuse to stay home. Playing selections from our favorite summer soundtrack Freedom Wind, The Explorers Club live show is unbeatable.

Freedom Wind is in finer record stores everywhere now. Look at what Other Music had to say about it:

“No, this is not some long lost pop gem from the ’60s that the Dead Oceans label just scooped Sundazed on. Hailing from Charleston, SC, the Explorer’s Club are a new band but their first full-length, Freedom Wind, is clearly not of this time. Listening to their rich vocal harmonies on beautifully arranged, yearning songs like “Forever,” “Don’t Forget the Sun” and “Do You Love Me,” it’s immediately apparent that the Beach Boys are the band’s main influence, but you’ll also hear echoes of Paul McCartney, the Zombies/Colin Blunstone and Emitt Rhodes throughout as well. Looking for that perfect summer soundtrack for your trips to the beach, step right up.” — Other Music NYC


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