WATCH // Mark McGuire Shares “Noctilucence” Visuals + Ambient Mix Via The Fader

Dive into the mind of Mark McGuire with us. Today via The Fader, Mark has shared visuals for an extended version of “Noctilucence” from his upcoming EP of the same name. Read Mark’s introspective take on the creative process below, and watch the video above or on YouTube.

“Noctilucence is about things becoming vibrant at night, the electricity of the inner life, and listening when you’re the only ears for miles and miles. I do most of my recording and writing at night, as well as much of my interstate traveling for tours and personal journeys. There’s something that seems to come to life in twilight, and my nights have always felt shrouded with ideas and expression. For this song and this album in general, I wanted to channel that energy and pay homage to that presence I’ve felt in every silent, dark movement of shadows, and the electric, fluorescent writings on the wall.” – Mark McGuire

Pre-order Noctilucence now via SC Distribution, iTunes, Amazon, and your local record store.