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Califone Plays Pickathon, Tours West Coast in August

better angels from Califone on Vimeo.

Califone will play the Pickathon Music Festival outside Portland, OR August 5-7 and will follow their festival appearance with a trek down the west coast. Check out full dates below and the band’s latest video for “Better Angels” from their most recent release All My Friends Are Funeral Singers above.

08/05/11 Happy Valley, OR- Pickathon
08/06/11 Happy Valley, OR- Pickathon
08/07/11 Happy Valley, OR- Pickathon
08/09/11 Vancouver, BC- Biltmore Cabaret
08/10/11 Seattle, WA- The Crocodile Cafe
08/12/11 San Francisco, CA- Bottom of the Hill
08/14/11 Los Angeles, CA- Satellite Club
08/15/11 San Diego, CA- Casbah

Califone Share “Better Angels” Video

better angels from Califone on Vimeo.

This video originally appeared as an extra on the DVD edition of the film All My Friends Are Funeral Singers. Using footage culled from film screenings and a live performance at the Mohawk at SXSW 2010, director Kevin Ford weaves together the surreal images of the film with a raucous set from the band. It feels like opium drenched dream sequence of the band and film blurring into one.

Califone’s Tim Rutilli’s Favorite Things From 2010

larryJust got a transmission from Califone’s Tim Rutilli about his best of 2010 list. Read on and be amazed.

Here’s a kind of random list in random order of things that i enjoyed this year.

Rediscovering old things:

Arthur Russell disco music
Thelonious Monk solo piano music
Robert Altman California Split & The Long Goodbye
Andrei Tarkovsky The Mirror
shamanic illumination process

Too many great food experiences but this one comes to mind, but this is the number one place to get soup this year: Daikokuya. It’s always crowded but worth the wait. Monterey Park location is a bit more sane than Little Tokyo. Seriously the best soup.

I went to Poland for a film festival. It was a great experience, showing Funeral Singers and meeting some wonderful people.

The best experience I had was falling asleep in a crowded movie theater while this film played:

It was an absolutely beautiful film but sleep pulled me under. Kind of the way sleep drugs pull you under and into sleep before you realize you’re sleeping. I fought hard but the sleep won.

The sounds and images of the movie leaked into my dreams and created another movie that I experienced. The dream took place in the movie theater and also in the woods but I was in it and engulfed in the trees and smells of this world. I found myself interacting with some harsh hill folks and also some angry Polish people. I was sitting between two friends. They said I snored loudly during the quiet parts. Looking forward to seeing this film again…

This was very similar to an experience I had at an Einsturzende Neubauten show in Chicago in the early 90’s. I had been awake for 3 days . Should have probably gone home and crashed but I didn’t want to miss the show. I sat in the balcony and leaned on the rail and was attacked by sleep in the hail storm of their noise. An amazing experience.

Another one from poland for the best of 2010 list is Zubrowka… buffalo grass vodka. pretty good.

There were plenty of amazing shows and great experiences with Califone; recording and showing Funeral Singers at film festivals etc… It seems like entire new worlds opened up this year.

But, working on music for Here with Michael Krassner and Boxhead Ensemble, Braden King and the crew was a definite highlight. Life affirming stuff.

Other People’s Pets:

I’m watching this kitten. he’s 6 or 7 weeks old. His owners are coming back in a few days. wish I can keep him. He’s making me happy- they haven’t decided on a name for him but I’ve been calling him Larry. (See photo above)

My friend was pet sitting for an old dog and a snake. The snake was in a glass tank. The dog was half blind and groaning. The snake had a layer of dead skin and shit littering his tank. She needed to clean the tank but was afraid. I pretended that I was unafraid. The snake was eyeballing me. I reached in and got the shit and the skin out of there. My heart was racing a bit. Snakes are scary. Pretending that you are not afraid until you are actually not afraid is number 10 on my best of 2010 list.

Califone Score Music For PBS Mini-series “The Calling”

Califone recently completed a score for the upcoming PBS mini-series The Calling, which airs on December 20th and 21st. Watch the trailer above and clip below, and you will hear a score that is unmistakably Califone, their psychedelic blues-folk providing the subtle soundtrack. Find out more info about the mini-series at The Calling website.

Watch the full episode. See more Independent Lens.

Califone Release New Video for “Giving Away The Bride”

All My Friends Are Funeral Singers, Califone’s most recent album opens with a deconstruction called “Giving Away The Bride.” Deep gutteral tones open the song like some lost leviathan rising from the depths. Slowly more elements are introduced often distorted to begin with, but slowly shaking off the murk and muck as the song progresses. Three minutes in a piano finally breaks through like the sun peaking out from behind the clouds. It’s simple and understated, but cast against the other elements of the song the piano rings with stark clarity, creating a juxtaposition of deep and infinite beauty. Today we’re happy to share a new video for “Giving Away The Bride.” Directed by Amy Cargill, the video weaves together a carefully edited collage of test signals, grainy video clips, animations, textures, sculptures, shapes and patterns. Once again, simple elements are activated in such away that they move beyond their normal limitations and given a purpose greater than their individual parts.

For those of you in the Bay Area, Califone will be taking up residence there in October. October 16-17 Califone will be participating in the Mill Valley Film Festival (specific show times and details TBA) and October 18 Califone will perform at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco.


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