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Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band’s New Album Now Available for Pre-Order


We’re just weeks away from the release of Where The Messengers Meet the new album from Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band on August 3, but you can pre-order your own copy right now and receive a instant download code. Not only that, the first fifty people to pre-order the record will receive a lyrics book handmade by the band. You can pre-order the album right HERE. We also are proud to share “Hurrah” the new single from Where The Messengers Meet. Check it out HERE.

Check out photos of the lyrics booklet after the jump.

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PHOSPHORESCENT Unveils Details of New LP, Shares First Mp3

Matthew Houck is a unique and distinguished artiste who grows with vitality on every album. What makes him so valued by those in the know is his quest for epic and truthful music that deeply connects, due to his abundant heart and radiant records that spring to life from the opening bars.

Fulfilling a dream by playing with Willie Nelson on TV at Farm Aid 2009 (alongside Neil Young and Wilco), and touring with the likes of Bon Iver, Bowerbirds, Akron/Family and Deer Tick, PHOSPHORESCENT is set to be welcomed to the top table on the strength and charisma of this immaculate, breakthrough album Here’s to Taking It Easy, Houck’s first new original material since Pride, set for release May 11 in the U.S. and May 10 in the U.K.

Where Pride was a deeply personal, haunting record that Houck recorded on his own, playing all of the instruments himself, To Willie featured musicians who’ve now become bandmates, rifling and rambling through the Nelson catalogue with an undeniable vigour. Not only did it feed their collective unity as players but gave them the oomph to solidify the makings of what Houck sees as their ‘classic’ sounding record in Here’s to Taking It Easy.

Galvanized by heavy hitters like early 70’s Rolling Stones, Bobby Charles and Dylan’s Street Legal (1978), Houck found his songwriting path through to some killer tunes that are given enough space for them to really fly. If Pride was built for 5am introspection and To Willie soundtracked the last chime at the bar, Here’s to Taking It Easy seems as though it’s made for any time, any season.

Listen to the album’s first cut, “It’s Hard To Be Humble (When You’re From Alabama),” HERE.

NURSES Record Daytrotter Session, Announce Spring Tour Dates

From today’s Daytrotter entry, it’s obvious that the folks behind the site hold a special place in their hearts for NURSES. They fondly recall putting the band up three years ago when Nurses found themselves in Rock Island, and lavish their sophomore release Apple’s Acre with the praise it deserves. Nurses return the love with a killer session, available for streaming or download at the Daytrotter website HERE.The session includes “Caterpillar Playground,” a version of “Technicolor” that fades into “Man At Arms” and the new track “Sweet So Sleeping.”

Look for Nurses back on the road soon, coming to a city near you with The Tallest Man On Earth. With a slew of new tour dates announced yesterday, this ought to give you one more reason to be excited for spring.

02/26/10 San Francisco, CA – Swedish American Hall (Noise Pop) w/ John Vanderslice
04/14/10 Buffalo, NY – The Ninth Ward w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
04/15/10 Winooski, VT – The Monkey House w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
04/16/10 Montreal, QC – Petit Campus w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
04/17/10 Toronto, ON – El Mocambo w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
04/20/10 New York, NY – Highline Ballroom w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
04/21/10 Cambridge, MA – Middle East Downstairs w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
04/22/10 Philadelphia, PA – World Cafe Live Upstairs w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
04/23/10 Washington, DC – Black Cat w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
04/26/10 Chapel Hill, NC – Gerrard Hall w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
04/27/10 Asheville, NC – Forsythia Hall w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
04/28/10 Atlanta, GA – The Earl w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
04/29/10 Birmingham, AL – The Bottletree w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
05/02/10 Austin, TX – Stubb’s BBBQ w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
05/04/10 Phoenix, AZ – Rhythm Room w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
05/05/10 La Jolla, CA – UCSD – The Loft w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
05/08/10 Brookdale, CA – Historic Brookdale Lodge w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
05/11/10 Portland, OR – The Mission Theater w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
05/12/10 Vancouver, BC – St. James Hall w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
05/14/10 Edmonton, AB – Brixx w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
05/15/10 Calgary, AB – Local 522 w/ The Tallest Man on Earth
05/29/10 George, WA – Sasquatch Music Festival, Yeti Stage

AKRON/FAMILY Hops Freight to Woody Guthrie’s America Encourages Contributors

If you have seen AKRON/FAMILY recently, you have likely heard them close an evening with the unreleased song “Woody Guthrie’s America.” It is an immediately familiar song, one that often evolves into an audience sing-along continuing after the band has exited the stage. Over the past year the band has collected over 20 versions of the song sung, stomped, and videotaped by friends, and is now looking to open the doors of the project and encourage all to contribute. All contributors are welcomed to their headlining shows for free!

Listen to Akron/Family’s version of “Woody Guthrie’s America” HERE.

Seth Olinsky from Akron/Family explains “Woody Guthrie’s America” :

I hate a song that makes you think that you are not any good. I hate a song that makes you think that you are just born to lose. Bound to lose. No good to nobody. No good for nothing. Because you are too old or too young or too fat or too slim or too ugly or too this or too that.
— Woody Guthrie

You can only drive across America, back and forth, up and down its mountains and coasts a few times before you want to pen a song about the beauty. And then you can only travel around the world a bit more, before you come back and want to write a song about the beauty and that little sing-song infrastructure of freedom you discover folded into the depths of it’s grasses and hills. And then comes a time when you run into Woody Guthrie’s music. Well, maybe you heard it before and liked it, but this time you are a little older, a little more traveled and you realize the power behind those simple songs, the power of humanity riding down those tracks. And in there you hear that same power grid of freedom and deep radical nature that seems to be singing to you from the Rocky Mountain tops, the Redwood forests, the Gulf stream waters, and, well, you all know that song. And so you can only go so long with all that rattling around your brain before you want to write a song about that too.

So imagine you start to write that song and start singing it. Well it just seems to make sense to try and encourage others to help sing it to. So you make the song simple and you try and make it tell that story and then you send it out. And as different voices start singing this same song, something amazing happens. It takes on a life of its own. The song never was and never is finished. The more people involved, the more the song becomes, the more it means, the more it changes, the more it stories, the more it rises like the moon and sets like the sun. A song can take on a life a world a value all its own. And all involved can help make it funny beautiful sad lovely wild and mourning. All in one song you can here 27 people’s stories. 27 people’s lives loves and humors. Now that is a song to feel good about and that is a song we all wrote.

And so I ask everyone to join in. Sing along. Help write this song with us. It may be a romantic idealization of times past and Americana wilderness freedoms unsung, but it sure feels good to share a song for free and imagine a time when you learned a song not from an advertisement but from a wandering friend and played it at home. Changed it to fit your own voice and instrument, your own story, your own news.

So tune in your internet device to! Plug in that old solid state receiver and those heavy speakers collecting dust in your closet, and blast these versions loud until you are inspired to make one!

Send your own to Send us a photo and where you are from, and we’ll post it as soon as we can.

Come track us down at our upcoming headlining shows. If you send us a version for posting and tell us which show you are coming to, we will put you on the guest list.

See the full list of Akron/Family’s upcoming tour dates HERE.

Visit the band’s Woody Project website HERE, where you can download the entire first volume of contributed songs or stream and sample those that have been collected.

Dead Oceans Teams With FROG EYES For New LP, Shares Album Cut “A Flower in a Glove”

There are more than a few of us here at Dead Oceans who have been closely watching the career of FROG EYES since their first album surfaced many moons ago. We have been admirers and collectors of all things Frog Eyes for years, so when the opportunity to release their new album was presented to us, we did not hesitate. We are beyond pleased to be working with one of the finest, most dynamic bands making music today. And on April 27th we will be releasing Frog Eyes’ crowning achievement.

Three years in the making, Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph marks Frog Eyes’ thunderous, frantic, fiery return. This is a slow-brewed masterpiece that is unmistakably Frog Eyes, a new album that was very much worth the wait. On this point we feel unassailable: Frog Eyes keeps getting better and better.

This is an album with weight. It’s wrapped in a gauze of fuzz, but a fuzz that’s neither yesteryear nor painfully now. Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph is neither overly modern nor awkwardly vintage, and it contains a depth and bombast that’s not only absent in Frog Eyes’ previous work, it’s absent from most contemporary music. Read more about Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph HERE.

We are pleased to share the mammoth opener from Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph. “A Flower in a Glove” encapsulates everything we love about Frog Eyes in just over nine minutes – an epic beginning to a monstrous album. Listen to “A Flower in a Glove” HERE.


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