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Blackout Beach’s “Fuck Death” Out Now!

Yesterday was Fuck Death Day, but we wanted to properly celebrate on the blog once the stream over at was up. You can head over there right now and listen to the new album in its entirety.

The critics love Fuck Death, and you can read more about the record at the following places:

Fuck Death is the first record of his that feels like a genuine meditation on the themes it explores. Instead of pummeling, it actually awards the listener with moments of pause, making its atmosphere that much more immersive.

When are we going to realize that in Carey Mercer, North America has her sole living and deeply gasping genius?
Monday Magazine

Inspired by the equally provocative American contemporary painter Leon Golub’s painting of the same name and by his fascination with stories of war, Fuck Death, appropriately reflects both the sonic and thematic substance embedded within the album’s nine tracks.
Discorder Magazine (November Cover Artist)

Blackout Beach’s Fuck Death Out Tuesday! Download “Be Forewarned, The Night Has Come”

“Be Forewarned, The Night Has Come”, the newest single off of Blackout Beach’s upcoming LP, Fuck Death, premiered today at Altered Zones:

On “Be Forewarned, The Night Has Come,” we find Mercer floating aimlessly in a hallow of sound. Against this tranquil backdrop of pulsating synth, Mercer’s maddening bellow sucks us into the lonely, drifting vessel he seems to be captaining. It’s only until scrapes of dissonate guitar morph into a radiant rhythm that he seems to gain traction in this unfamiliar expanse, devoid of road signs.

Be Forewarned, The Night has Come by Blackout Beach by DOJAGSC

Carey Mercer will perform as Blackout Beach on Saturday, November 26th at 5pm at Zulu Records in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Fuck Death will be out next week on vinyl and digital formats on November 15th (14 in the UK), 2011. Pre-order is up at SC Distribution.


New Blackout Beach (Carey Mercer) LP – Fuck Death – Download “Beautiful Burning Desire”

I’m very privileged to announce that Dead Oceans will be releasing the next record from the brilliant and talented musician (and twitterer) Carey Mercer, Blackout Beach’s Fuck Death. Carey wrote a note to provide context, which we will share with you:

Fuck Death is a record named after a Leon Golub painting, an American painter I admire very much. The record is an attempt to make something about Beauty and War. I have very little experience with these concepts.

This is not a political record, though I suspect those will be coming soon enough.

It took three years to make, which, I admit, is a long time to make a record.

(Download the single “Beautiful Burning Desire” below!)

Here are some influences and inspirations that helped me work through this one:
The Book of Job; Michael Herr’s Dispatches; this Russian film called Come and See; 80’s Vietnam films employing 60’s guitar sounds to sweep us back into that era; the awesomeness of Platoon to the ten-year old mind; Orwell’s Homage To Catalonia; Kraftwerk; Fuzz; Brownface Princeton tremolo; Wind sounds; Cosmic Sounds; Death Sounds; Archilochus’ fragments; Iraq; Cheerleaders; Chinese soldier poems, and Shawn MacDonald’s mountain photos, cloud-and-sky-and-stone images that I returned to many times while constructing the record.

Carey Mercer by Shawn McDonald

The record is a sibling to the last Blackout Beach record, Skin of Evil. But the longing in Fuck Death is not romantic; these are deserter’s songs, coward’s songs. I am all for reassessing cowardice. The most important lyric on Fuck Death is “run away.” It’s a bit heavy, especially because the dominant 2011 story is that kids want to live on an invisible beach within their hearts and party this stuff away. But not all kids scorn uneasiness. And not all music is made for kids.

I recorded Fuck Death myself, which might be a 2011 thing to do; by that I mean that this record could not have been made with anyone else, anywhere else. I used three synthesizers (two mono, one poly), two drum machines, and one guitar amplifier. Megan Boddy sings with me on most of the songs. I thank her for that.

– Carey Mercer, Blackout Beach

Fuck Death will be out on vinyl and digital formats on November 15th (14 in the UK), 2011.



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