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Dead Oceans Signs THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH, Announces The Wild Hunt

When fans lined up to see the sold-out Bon Iver performances at New York City’s Town Hall in late 2008, few of them went with any expectations of the opening act. But the audience that night, and on every other night of Bon Iver’s tour that December, was introduced to something special, something unforgettable: THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH. This was the first of several tours for the Tallest Man on Earth (aka Kristian Matsson), with obsessive crowds growing each step of the way.

Earlier in the year, The Tallest Man on Earth had released one of 2008’s most powerful records, one that Pitchfork praised, calling Matsson “a natural-born folksinger, earnest, clever, and comforting.” Shallow Grave could not have been more simple, just Matsson’s commanding vocals with an acoustic guitar or banjo, recorded at his home in Dalarna, Sweden. Although the album was released on the Swedish label Gravitation without the help of widespread distribution, the story of The Tallest Man on Earth spread far and wide through word of mouth.

It is impossible to discuss The Tallest Man on Earth’s music without acknowledging Bob Dylan. The seemingly effortlessness, the melodic sensibility and the deft lyricism all recall Dylan’s early years. But when you witness the Tallest Man on Earth perform live, you are watching a man possessed. The energy pours out with every word. Full of intensity and raw emotion, he paces the stage, bringing the audience into the palm of his hand, completely lost in his songs.

With unbridled excitement, we bring you The Tallest Man on Earth’s second LP, The Wild Hunt. It is all here: The words. The voice. The melodies. Ten perfect songs. Today Dead Oceans is offering a free download of The Wild Hunt’s first single, “King of Spain.”

Download “King of Spain” HERE.

The Wild Hunt will be released on April 13th (April 12th in the UK) via Dead Oceans.

Tallest Man on Earth’s North American tour is slated for spring (updates are forthcoming). Other scheduled European dates are available HERE.

ON FILLMORE Joins The Dead Oceans Family, Announces Extended Vacation LP

We at Dead Oceans have been something close to wine-drunk on the warm, alluring compositions of On Fillmore for some time now, fully under the spell of this all-too-rare pairing of musical soulmates. Now, we’re thrilled to announce that On Fillmore has partnered with Dead Oceans to release, Extended Vacation, its next beautiful foray into the unknown.

For nearly a decade, On Fillmore has been exploring and stretching the very definition of the term “rhythm section.” An inspired collaboration between two world-class musicians — bassist Darin Gray and percussionist/composer Glenn Kotche — that was once dubbed “the rhythm section’s revenge” by Jim O’Rourke, On Fillmore has returned with its most elaborate work, Extended Vacation. The album is a post-modern noir-film soundtrack that takes place somewhere where jungle meets sea, where dream meets memory. And Dead Oceans is proud to release Extended Vacation on Nov. 3 (Nov. 2 in the UK).

Kotche and Gray both have long and impressive musical resumes — Gray has worked as a member of experimental bands like Brise-Glace and Dazzling Killmen, and more recently as a solo artist and in collaborations with Loren Mazzacane Connors and Chris Corsano; Kotche is a respected composer/percussionist and member of Wilco who has released three solo albums, his most recent, Mobile, on Nonesuch, and composed for such luminary groups as Kronos Quartet, Bang on a Can All-Stars and Eighth Blackbird.

Visit the official On Fillmore Web site HERE. And read more about Extended Vacation HERE.

And be on the lookout for more On Fillmore updates.

NURSES Team Up With Dead Oceans, Announce Album, Offer Free MP3

Welcome to the weird and wonderful universe that NURSES call home. Hailing from Portland OR, Nurses have crafted a fine, fine slice of psychedelic pop on their debut LP Apple’s Acre. Apple’s Acre will be released on August 4 on Dead Oceans (August 24 in the UK) but never fear, we have an MP3 and video to share right now.

To immerse yourself in Nurses’ Apple’s Acre is to delight in a certain mental unraveling. These are songs where the vulnerability of pop with its heart on its sleeve engages in a double-dutch jumprope match with the euphoric surrender-to-the-weird that is essential to psychedelia. And Nurses is a band that scavenges beauty and wonder, uncovering Technicolor where others see somber hues. Their off-kilter psych-pop is driven by ever-swelling vocal harmonies, adventurous electronics, some serious wheelin’ and dealin’ on the Rhodes piano, and the kind of new-primitivist percussion that may or may not involve a standard drum kit.

An encyclopedic list of musical influences and sound-alikes won’t necessarily cozy up your brain to the Nurses experience. Their compositions revel in the unexpected, and it creates music that’s endlessly fascinating. Part of the allure is that the songs of Aaron Chapman and John Bowers—the cosmic troubadours and longtime best friends behind Nurses—are in a constant state of motion, as if they’re evolving while you listen. Perhaps it’s no surprise, since Chapman and Bowers themselves have spent the past five years in a state of transience, as friendly nomads who gave up the comforts of normalcy for the deeper satisfaction of total devotion to making music. If the two aren’t rambling in their own sonic imaginations, they’re not satisfied.

Download “Caterpillar Playground” for a whiff of Apple’s Acre — it is a wonderfully strange taste of pop goodness. Also, be sure to check out the acoustic rendition of “Lita” lovingly rendered in high contrast black and white on YouTube for all to see.

Listen to “Caterpillar Playground” HERE.

Go HERE. to view the video for “Lita.”

And go HERE to see a full listing of Nurses live dates.

Dead Oceans Welcomes JOHN VANDERSLICE, Offers First Details On New Album Romanian Names

Following a long and tormenting day of travel including delayed flights, uncomfortable seats, and no sleep, Dead Oceans owner Phil Waldorf arrived at his destination completely fried, wholly frazzled. One of his label partners, Chris Swanson, picked him up at the airport, and as they pulled away from the arrivals curb, Chris turned up the stereo and said, “Listen to this new JOHN VANDERSLICE tune.”

Thirty seconds into the song, Phil was in a different place altogether. This was unlike any Vanderslice recording he had heard before. This song was, as far as he could tell, the best tune Vanderslice had ever written, and it needed a home. Gone were thoughts of a terrible flight. Rather than mumbling banal and boring missives about how badly travel sucks, he and his partner were lucky to have one of those great conversations about how they had to be involved with this new thing, this new discovery: John Vanderslice’s new album.

Dead Oceans reached out to JV immediately, heard (and was floored by!) more of the material, and is now extremely proud to add him to the label roster. The first fruit of this partnership is JV’s new album Romanian Names, scheduled for release May 19. More details will be available very soon.

Vanderslice recently performed some of the new material in his hometown of San Francisco. In honor of the 10th anniversary of JV’s famed Tiny Telephone Recording Studio there was a truly special performance at Great American Music Hall, featuring Vanderslice alongside the 30-piece Magik*Magik Orchestra. A portion of the show is available for view at the brand new!

John Vanderslice “Too Much Time” from AV on Vimeo.

There will be more chances to hear some of Vanderslice’s new material on his upcoming tour with Mountain Goat John Darnielle, where the two will grace audiences with solo performances and then a collaborative set. Read all about these unique nights of acoustic guitar and voice here.

John Vanderslice & John Darnielle:
Wed 3/18 – Asheville NC @ The Grey Eagle
Thu 3/19 – Durham NC @ The Duke Coffeehouse
Fri 3/20 – Norfolk VA @ The Attacus Theatre
Sat 3/21 – Washington DC @ Sixth and I Synagogue
Tue 3/24 – Northampton MA @ Pearl Street
Wed 3/25 – Somerville MA @ The Somerville Theatre
Fri 3/27 – New York NY @ The Society for Ethical Culture
Sun 3/29 – Gambier OH @ Kenyon College
Mon 3/30 – Oberlin OH @ Oberlin College
Wed 4/01 – Chicago IL @ Epiphany
Thu 4/02 – Champaign IL @ Courtyard Café at University of Illinois
Fri 4/03 – Iowa City IA @ The Mill – Mission Creek Music Festival
Sat 4/04 – Richmond IN @ Earlham College
Mon 4/06 – Bloomington IN @ Buskirk-Chumley Theater

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band Team Up with Dead Oceans

We are excited to announce that Dead Oceans and Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band are teaming up to release their debut album in spring 2009. The band are putting the finishing touches on an album co-produced with Scott Colburn (Arcade Fire, Animal Collective) before heading out on tour in December. The debut album follows their self-released Weepy EP, which is available now.



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