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John Bowers From Nurses Shares “Some Things I’ve Been Into In 2010”

I have a lot of things that I’ve been liking in the last year, but they don’t have a particular order…. so here’s Some Things I’ve Been Into In 2010:

-I really feel good watching the Hot New DANCE CRAZE based on the Weekend at Bernie’s star, Bernie. It’s called “Movin’ Like Bernie,” and it gives me warm chills. With all the terrible re-hashing of old movies over the last ten years, it’s nice to see the 80s influence take a turn for the best. I like relaxing my eyes and watching the people-blobs bulge around.

-I didn’t hear a record this year I liked as much as Prince’s Around the World in a Day, so I’m giving record of the year to Prince. I can be in any mood and get something out of this record- which has led to it playing about a million times in the last 2 weeks alone. Other noteworthy soul-fillin’ musical chunks lately are Wulomei and LIITAL (thanks awesometapesfromafrica!).

-Ian Ferguson is one of my favorite people and favorite artists. Check out his painting “Dueling Krysler Town and Country (Mac and Cheese Buffet Pt.2).” The explanations are key to understanding all the awesome shit going on in every painting. is where you’ll find Hermtroglodites getting each other pregnant and eating too many McRibs, or fighting to get in the line of the buffet.

-I like being sad a lot, and this winter is already a big sad salad. Living in Portland in the winter, all the sadness comes inside to get warm in the winter (like spiders), and it lives in your bedroom with you and sticks to your clothes and makes everything harder to do. Feels real good to just soak it in. I went through a real awesome period walking around at night rotating 36 Chambers, the Black Album, and Steve Reich’s Four Organs. I’ll recommend that trio to anyone on earth who likes being sad.

-Man, I really love lamps and mirrors. When I was a kid, I thought that the light section in department stores and malls was what heaven looked like- overwhelming and uncomfortably bright. I was always drawn to it in a weird sickening-but-delightful way. Lately I’ve been trying to recreate that feeling, with a little bit of Susperia involved with all these mirrors and lamps in my house. The more it becomes that weird version of heaven, the less likely my friends will come over, but the more likely I’ll get to live in my sickening heaven. Every man for himself!

Nurses Perform Acoustic Versions of New Songs

During Nurses triumphant European tour, they performed at the Into The Great Wide Open Festival in Holland, and while there, they were videotaped by VPRO performing two acoustic versions of new songs. “So Sweet” and “Extra Fast” are the working titles for these songs — hopefully both will be appearing on a soon to be recorded LP. We’re glad the guys didn’t end up sinking into the pond, and cannot wait to hear these new gems recorded.

Nurses Escapades On ChatRoulette Documented In New Video, Touring with The Tallest Man On Earth


On February 23rd, NURSES played a one-of-a-kind show, performing via webcam on ChatRoulette, the latest cyber-craze. For the uninitiated, ChatRoulette randomly pairs up participants for a one-on-one video chat, meaning that to find Nurses on the site, you had to venture through some uncharted (and very NSFW) waters. Using 15 computers to stream the show via ChatRoulette, the band played a wild set for some unsuspecting internet surfers. The band has since edited a version of new and unreleased song “So Sweet” into a music video, documenting the fun that went down on the internet that night. Watch it HERE.

In addition to their ChatRoulette escapades, we are also pleased to share the band’s official video for “Winter” from their 2009 album, Apple’s Acre. Directed by Hans Lo, the “Winter” video is a playful kalediscopic trip. In other words, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the band’s homemade psychedelia. If only the 3-D glasses we stole from Avatar worked when watching this, we’d be in heaven. Watch the video for “Winter” HERE.

The band also hits the road again this spring, joining The Tallest Man On Earth on most shows, as well as a performance at this year’s Sasquatch Festival. See the complete tour dates HERE.

Pre-Order Bonuses and New MP3 from The Tallest Man on Earth’s The Wild Hunt


Dead Oceans is now offering THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH’S upcoming record The Wild Hunt for pre-order. All who pre-order the album will instantly receive a free digital download copy. Those who act quickly will be rewarded even more handsomely – the first 175 pre-orders will also receive a bonus CD single for “King of Spain” that was exclusively sold on his recent European tour. To pre-order The Wild Hunt click HERE.

King of Spain CD Tracklisting:
1. King of Spain
2. Graceland*
3. Where I Thought I Met the Angels*
*exclusive b-side

Dead Oceans is also offering a second audio peek into The Wild Hunt with a free mp3 for the wonderfully poetic song “Burden of Tomorrow.” Listen to “Burden of Tomorrow” HERE.

The Wild Hunt will be released on April 13th (12th in the UK). The captivating live show follows (*with Nurses). See the full list of tour dates after the jump.

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NURSES To Play Live on ChatRoulette

Feeling adventurous and in the mood to watch some live music from the comfort of your own home? You may be in luck if you log on to ChatRoulette tomorrow, where NURSES will be performing a 45 minute set live via webcam.

If you’re not familiar with this latest cyber craze, ChatRoulette randomly pairs up participants for a one-on-one video chat. (Read more about the creep potential HERE.) So, if you want to watch Nurses you’re going to have to venture through some uncharted waters to find them.

Nurses will performing from Aaron’s living room where they’ve made their own backdrop and set. They will be playing in front of 15 computers, each of which will be streaming the performance live on ChatRoulette. The performance itself will feature mostly traditional Nurses songs, but there will also be some jam sessions, and a couple of new songs as well. They’ll be running for projectors for visual effect, and may actually project some of the video of people watching on ChatRoulette, making what Aaron called a “meta-roulette.”

Look for Nurses on ChatRoulette Tuesday, February 23 at 7 p.m. Pacific. You can access the site HERE. Good luck!


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