Dead Oceans Discography

DOC001   Dirty Projectors Rise Above  CD / LP  09/11/07
DOC003   Bishop Allen The Broken String  CD / LP  07/24/07
DOC004   Evangelicals The Evening Descends  CD / LP  01/22/08
DOC005   Phosphorescent Pride  CD / LP  10/23/07
DOC006   The Explorers Club Do You Love Me? b/w Carry Me  7"  04/08/08
DOC007   The Explorers Club Freedom Wind  CD / LP  05/20/08
DOC008   Citay Little Kingdom  CD  11/06/07
DOC009   White Hinterland Phylactery Factory  CD / LP  03/04/08
DOC010   Bishop Allen Grrr...  CD / LP  03/10/09
DOC011   Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band  CD / LP  03/10/09
DOC012   Akron/Family Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free  CD / LP  05/05/09
DOC013   Phosphorescent To Willie  CD / LP  02/03/09
DOC014   The Donkeys Living On The Other Side  CD / LP  09/09/08
DOC017   Bowerbirds Hymns for a Dark Horse  CD / LP  06/19/08
DOC018   Bowerbirds Upper Air  CD / LP  07/07/09
DOC019   Frog Eyes Paul's Tomb: A Triumph  CD / 2XLP  04/27/10
DOC020   White Hinterland Luniculaire  CDEP  10/21/08
DOC021   These Are Powers Terrific Seasons  CD  10/07/08
DOC022   These Are Powers Taro Tarot  CD  10/07/08
DOC023   These Are Powers All Aboard Future  CD / LP  02/17/09
DOC024   Blackout Beach Fuck Death  LP  11/15/11
DOC025   Phosphorescent Here's To Taking It Easy  CD / LP  05/11/10
DOC026   John Vanderslice Romanian Names  CD / LP  05/19/09
DOC027   Akron/Family Everyone Is Guilty  7" / (DIGITAL)  04/18/09
DOC028   Califone All My Friends Are Funeral Singers  CD / LP  10/06/09
DOC029   Nurses Apple's Acre  CD / LP  08/04/09
DOC031   Citay Remixes  LP  11/03/09
DOC032   On Fillmore Extended Vacation  CD / LP  11/03/09
DOC033   Bowerbirds The Clearing  CD / LP  03/06/12
DOC034   White Hinterland Kairos  CD / LP  03/09/10
DOC035   John Vanderslice Too Much Time  7"  10/06/09
DOC036   John Vanderslice D.I.A.L.O.  7"  01/26/10
DOC037   Akron/Family River  7"  10/20/09
DOC038   Citay Dream Get Together  CD / LP  01/26/10
DOC039   The Tallest Man On Earth King of Spain  CD  03/02/10
DOC040   The Tallest Man On Earth The Wild Hunt  CD / LP  04/13/10
DOC041   Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band Where The Messengers Meet  CD / LP  08/03/10
DOC042   Brazos Saltwater  CD / LP  05/28/13
DOC043   Nurses Dracula  CD / LP  09/20/11
DOC044   The Good Ones Kigali Y' Izahabu  CD / LP  11/09/10
DOC045   Akron/Family S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT  CD / 2XLP  02/08/11
DOC046   Destroyer Kaputt  CD  06/13/11
DOC047   The Donkeys Born With Stripes  CD / LP  04/26/11
DOC048   The Tallest Man On Earth Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird  CDEP / 12"  11/09/10
DOC050   Phosphorescent Muchacho  CD / LP  03/19/13
DOC051   Sun Airway Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier  CD / LP  10/26/10
DOC052   John Vanderslice White Wilderness  CD / LP  01/25/11
DOC053   Bishop Allen Lights Out  CD / LP  08/19/14
DOC054   White Hinterland Eidolon EP  (DIGITAL)  12/03/10
DOC055   The Luyas Too Beautiful to Work  CD / LP  02/22/11
DOC056   Gauntlet Hair Gauntlet Hair  CD / LP  10/18/11
DOC057   The Luyas The Luyas / Twin Sister split 7"  7"  04/16/11
DOC058   Akron/Family  2XLP  04/16/11
DOC059   Sun Airway Wild Palms  7"  07/19/11
DOC060   The Tallest Man On Earth 1904 b/w Cycles  7"  05/15/12
DOC061   Bill Fay Life Is People  CD / 2XLP  08/21/12
DOC062   Gauntlet Hair My Christ 7"  7"  01/24/12
DOC064   Bear In Heaven I Love You, It's Cool  CD  04/03/12
DOC065   A Place To Bury Strangers Onwards To The Wall  CDEP / LP  02/07/12
DOC066   A Place To Bury Strangers Worship  CD / LP  06/26/12
DOC067   Sun Airway Soft Fall  CD / LP  10/02/12
DOC068   The Tallest Man On Earth There's No Leaving Now  CD / LP  06/12/12
DOC069   Julianna Barwick Nepenthe  CD / LP  08/20/13
DOC070   Night Beds Even If We Try b/w You Were Afraid  7"  09/18/12
DOC071   The Luyas Animator  CD / NA  10/16/12
DOC073   A Place To Bury Strangers And I'm Up b/w Don't Stop  CD  10/16/12
DOC074   A Place To Bury Strangers Strange Moon  LP  04/20/13
DOC075   Night Beds Country Sleep  CD / LP  02/05/13
DOC076   White Hinterland Baby  CD / LP  04/01/14
DOC077   Mark McGuire Along The Way  CD / LP  02/04/14
DOC078   Akron/Family Sub Verses  CD / 2XLP  04/30/13
DOC079   Gauntlet Hair Stills  CD / NA  07/16/13
DOC080   Califone Stitches  CD  09/03/13
DOC081dig1   Night Beds Head For The Hills  (DIGITAL)  01/14/14
DOC082   Bleached Ride Your Heart  CD  04/02/13
DOC084   Bear In Heaven Time Is Over One Day Old  CD / LP  08/05/14
DOC086   Strand of Oaks HEAL  CD / LP  06/24/14
DOC087   Phosphorescent Muchacho (Deluxe Edition)  2XCD  10/29/13
DOC088   Destroyer Five Spanish Songs  CDEP / LP  12/03/13
DOC091   Mark McGuire Noctilucence  12"  11/11/14
DOC092   Dub Thompson 9 Songs  CD / LP  06/10/14
DOC093   Phosphorescent Live at the Music Hall  2XCD  02/17/15
DOC094   Bleached For The Feel  7"  09/16/14
DOC096dig1   Julianna Barwick Rosabi EP  (DIGITAL)  06/03/14
DOC098   Greylag Greylag  CD / LP  10/14/14
DOC099   A Place To Bury Strangers Transfixiation  CD  02/17/14
DOC101   Ryley Walker Primrose Green  CD  03/31/15

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Straight by A Place To Bury Strangers
We've Come So Far by A Place To Bury Strangers
Primrose Green by Ryley Walker
Me Liquor and God by Night Beds
Los Angeles (Live) by Phosphorescent
Nothing Was Stolen (Love Me Foolishly) (Live) by Phosphorescent
Another by Greylag
Yours To Shake by Greylag
Time Between by Bear in Heaven
Start Again by Bishop Allen


Straight by A Place To Bury Strangers

Noctilucence by Mark McGuire

Yours To Shake by Greylag

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A Place To Bury Strangers
Live at the Music Hall
Ryley Walker
Primrose Green

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