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  1. Everyone Is Guilty Total Destruction
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"Everyone is Guilty" is the first single from Akron/Family's upcoming May 5th full-length release, Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free. Featuring album opener "Everyone is Guilty" along with non-album b-side "Total Destruction," this single is available as a limited edition 7" and digital release. The vinyl will be available at Akron/Family shows and via record stores participating in Record Store Day 2009. Opening with a groove unlike anything Akron/Family have ever laid to tape, this single kicks off a new chapter for the band. The percussive thunder and anthemic electric guitars of "Everyone is Guilty" make a bold statement, touching on everything from Fela Kuti to Sly and the Family Stone in under six psychedelic minutes. This is not the Akron/Family you think you know.

(DOC027 released: 04/18/09)

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