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  1. Wild Palms Symphony in White, No. 2
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"Wild Palms" b/w "Symphony in White, No. 2" is the first taste of new material from Sun Airway since the release of their acclaimed debut, Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier. Following tours with Bear in Heaven, Cults, Small Black, Lower Dens and more, the band went back into the studio and emerged with this stunning new single.

On this 7" the band's modern sounds glance backwards, with faint 80s pop melodies sneaking into the band's repertoire. Although the sounds are lush, subtle and carefully crafted, Sun Airway once again proves the songwriting comes first, writing instantly classic pop tunes on their new single.

(DOC059 released: 07/19/11)

  • Close
  • Sun Airway "Close" directed by Ewan MacLeod
  • Wild Palms
  • Sun Airway "Wild Palms" directed by Ricardo Rivera
  • Put the Days Away
  • Sun Airway "Put the Days Away"

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