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Haley Dahl and her 21 bandmates recorded Madison at a place called Lost World Caverns in West Virginia. It’s first time ever an entire album has been recorded in a cave…  A record born out of a breakup so deeply intense, the only thing dark enough to carry it is the place in which it was recorded; each song an attempt at saying goodbye to someone.  The cave represents the concept of forever for Dahl but doesn’t just stand to be a metaphor. The cave serves as an instrument: it is completely and totally integral to the record’s architecture. Madison is difficult to catagorise in its magnitude; Dahl says: “it felt similar to being a little kid and buying an outfit that was too big that I’d have to grow into. I really valued from the start that making Madison gave me someone I had to become.” It is a grand gesture, a statement about big love, and about growing into yourself in the process.