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Fenne Lily Announces Expanded Edition of ‘Big Picture’

Posted on 10/11/2023

Today, Fenne Lily announces an expanded edition of her acclaimed album Big Picture, out November 10th, and releases one of the expanded edition’s five bonus tracks, “Hollywood and Fear.” On the heels of a record described as “beautiful, evocative, [and] often tender” (Under the Radar), “Hollywood and Fear” continues with Fenne’s delicate, introspective, and intimate take on lilith folk. Based on the idea of how love and relationships are portrayed in movies versus what they are in actuality, Fenne wrote the song after an argument with a person she loved, an argument that boiled down to whether loving each other was enough to keep them together. The question of whether “I want to be right or to be kind” is reflected in the lyrics. “It’s something my mum asked me constantly when I was a kid — I would argue until I lost the thread of the argument, when I could have easily let it go,” says Fenne. “So ‘Hollywood and Fear’ is about figuring out when to hold on tightly versus when to let go.”

The ruminative yet candid Big Picture is Fenne’s most cohesive, resolute work to date, both lyrically and sonically. “This isn’t a sad album — it’s about as uplifting as my way of doing things will allow,” she says. “These songs explore worry and doubt and letting go, but those themes are framed brightly.” With confidence and quiet strength, each track provides insight into Fenne’s ever-changing view of love and, ultimately, its redefinition.

In support of Big Picture (Expanded Edition), Fenne will play three night residencies in Brooklyn and London this December. Each night will showcase one of her albums in full (2018’s On Hold, 2020’s BREACH, and Big Picture), with London support from Katie Malco. Tickets for these shows are on sale now and can be found here:



New York City Residency:

Mon. Dec. 4 @ The Broadway – On Hold

Tue. Dec. 5 @ Purgatory – Breach

Wed. Dec. 6 @ Union Pool – Big Picture 

London’s Paper Dress Vintage Residency:

– Support from Katie Malco

Tue. Dec. 19On Hold 

Wed. Dec. 20Breach

Thu. Dec. 21Big Picture