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Kane Strang Shares Official Video For New Single, “My Smile Is Extinct”

Posted on 06/21/2017

Kane Strang has unveiled the official video for his new single, “My Smile Is Extinct,” ahead of the release of his new album, Two Hearts and No Brain, out June 30th (that’s next Friday). The charming, offbeat clip was directed by Julian Vares. It’s fitting that a song about getting ditched and feeling low features a lone figure (Kane), working through his emotions on his own strumming guitar and singing along deadpan. It’s totally mesmerizing and utterly relatable.

I said kill me now, I want to die
I heard there’s a chance at an afterlife
I might not get let in but at least I won’t be living

Taking to well-worn subject matter (heartbreak, loneliness, family) with a disarmingly frank scalpel, Strang’s wryly deadpan lines never miss a beat – the results often sardonic, and always captivating.

What sets Kane apart from the rafts of DIY indie songwriters is a willingness to push further. Having mastered the lo-fi aesthetic, he’s stretched his already limber songwriting legs and production chops to new unexpected spaces on Two Hearts and No Brain.

Two Hearts and No Brain is out next Friday, June 30th.
You can pre-order it here:

“Strang has a gift for pulling diamonds from the rough” – Pitchfork

“a nice dose of downer pop” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Robust and refined” – Tiny Mix Tapes