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Release Day: Strand of Oaks Releases Limited ‘Harder Love’

Posted on 01/19/2018

What could be better than starting your weekend with a new Strand of Oaks record? Today, Strand of Oaks releases Harder Love, a collection of Tim Showalter’s unreleased, original recordings for the album Hard Love. If you missed it earlier, Tim had a lil’ listening party on Facebook live – we’re embedding it below for your viewing/listening pleasure.

Pairing the earliest versions tracks from Hard Love with previously-unreleased material (including some tracks deemed “too weird” for the official release), Harder Love pushes Showalter’s sound to a stranger, rawer place. In many ways, the release serves as the tripped out, spiritual brother to its predecessor. The 12” physical version of Harder Love is limited to a 500 pressing and features unused and alternative takes from Hard Love. Harder Love is available digitally worldwide, with two additional bonus tracks available only on the digital version. Harder Love is also available physically via retailers in limited territories (US and Benelux).

Harder Love

Released 01/19/2018

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