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Don't fear the future. These are Powers have come to conjure the new musical golden age you've been waiting for--one of insistence, intensity, and light. And yes, you can dance to it. These Are Powers are known for the dissonance of their early recordings, a cacophony of rhythms and industrial/electronic experiments that recalled Throbbing Gristle one moment, DNA the next. Once rule-breakers, the band is now rewriting those rules with a newfound focus: behold All Aboard Future. Exotic, abstract, hand-crafted sounds--made, found and electronically born--underscore each of these nine songs. Some wail from Pat Noecker's prepared bass; others stem from the idiosyncratic vocal and guitar style of Anna Barie. The two trade off vocal duties, and in the process dissonant sounds become melodies held together and torn apart in fits by Bill Salas' electro-acoustic beats. At first listen, much of Salas' rhythmic contribution sounds as if it could be pre-programmed, but these abstract rhythms are all performed live, interspersing nods to Timbaland with an appreciation for a car crash's metal-on-metal grind. Ferocious and unhinged, when These Are Powers perform live, it is a kind of spiritual journey, a futuristic fire dance hailing from Chicago and Brooklyn. The bass smolders, topping its low-end sub-rumble with a high-end flutter; abstract beats emanate from the electro-acoustic stand-up drum kit. And piercing through is Anna Barie's guitar while she and Noecker call and respond. Barie blasts through a litany of expressive guitar sounds and full-throated yelps and howls with a confrontational, explosive energy that often finds her entangled with audience members, leaping through the air, or sprawled on the floor in front of the stage. With All Aboard Future, These Are Powers have embraced collaborators, demonstrating their participating in not only a music community, but a community of ideas. The band invited 13 artists from Chicago, New York and Beijing to interpret All Aboard Future, either drawing from the musical ideas of the album or solely the album title. The artwork adorns the pages of All Aboard Future's accompanying booklet. Photography, painting, collage, text and more--the record becomes the collective expression of artists creating in many media. All Aboard Future was written and recorded in Chicago during the summer of 2008, and follows the band's 2007 debut LP, Terrific Seasons, and 2008's six song Taro Tarot. All Aboard Future is not just a new album from These Are Powers. It's a seismic shift. A new idea. And the sentiment is real. All Aboard Future!

These Are Powers Announce “All Aboard Future”

2009 will be known as the Year of the Rat – or some similar shit like that – but one of the more important details of the fledgling year is the release of These Are Powers All Aboard Future out February 17. Dangerous and unpredictable in a live setting, the Brooklyn / Chicago trio of Pat Noecker, Anna Barie and Bill Salas have crafted an exotic hybrid of electro-acoustic beats, subsonic bass rumble, mangled guitars and plaintive call and response vocals on All Aboard Future. Showing solidarity with the visual arts community These Are Powers invited no fewer than 13 different artists from New York to Beijing to create the albums artwork. Vicious dance music for the universal peace movement of the future? Here it is.


These Are Powers Play Final Show


We are disappointed to report that These Are Powers played their final show this weekend at a memorial show for Ariel Panero. Impose and Altered Zones paid tribute to the band. They were a creative force and we know to expect exciting, forward thinking music from each member in their future endeavors.

THESE ARE POWERS Debut “Candy Man”

We’d like to share this sinfully sweet new video for THESE ARE POWERS’ new and unreleased track “Candy Man.” Think Willy Wonka meets dance party.

These Are Powers are currently on tour, with the full schedule available HERE.

THESE ARE POWERS premiere Chinese Ghost Festival-inspired video for Easy Answers, Plot China Tour in July

The video for THESE ARE POWERS’ song “Easy Answers” was jointly inspired by the annual Ghost Festival held every August in China and the Chinese folkloric tradition of burning joss paper after the death of a relative or loved one. Joss paper has long been burned ceremoniously as an offering to the dead, representing all of the worldly goods that spirits may desire in the afterlife, including intricately detailed miniature paper replicas of mansions, BMW convertibles, laptop computers, karaoke VCRs, and large denomination “hell bank notes” or “ghost money.”

Once burned, these items are believed to join the deceased loved ones in heaven, and for lost spirits who still roam the land of the living, small paper boats and lanterns are bought and released, which signifies giving direction to these restless ancestors.

Meanwhile, These Are Powers will be bringing their soundtrack for the future peace movement to China for nine dates that include a residency at Beijing’s D-22 Club with additional dates in Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan and Tiajin. Sharing the bill on select dates with Carsick Cars – pioneers of China’s developing “No Beijing” scene – These Are Powers invitation to perform in China arrives at a crucial time as contemporary artists, modern composers and rock musicians in the world’s most populated nation are experiencing a revival after years of suppression from the communist authorities. See a list of tour dates HERE.

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