Destroyer | Five Spanish Songs




  1. Maria De Las Nieves
  2. Del Monton
  3. El Rito
  4. Babieca
  5. Bye Bye
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Produced by JC/DC and recorded at their studio in Vancouver earlier this summer, Five Spanish Songs features musical contributions from Nicolas Bragg, David Carswell, John Collins, Stephen Hamm, and Josh Wells.

Dan Bejar writes:

It was 2013. The English language seemed spent, despicable, not easily singable. It felt over for English; good for business transactions, but that's about it. The only other language I know is Spanish, and the only Spanish songs I really know are those of Sr. Chinarro, led by Antonio Luque. I've been a decades-long fan of how he conducted his affairs, his strange words, his melodies that have always felt so natural (this is important), his bitter songs about painting the light. Something about them, I knew I could do it...

(DOC088 released: 12/03/13)

  • Bye Bye
  • Destroyer "Bye Bye"
  • Savage Night at the Opera
  • Destroyer "Savage Night at the Opera"
  • Kaputt
  • Destroyer "Kaputt"

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