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'Noctilucence' is a new 12" recorded between in 2013 and 2014 between Los Angeles, California, and Cleveland, Ohio. The term "noctilucence" comes from "noctilucent clouds", the name given to clouds which, for some reason, emit a brilliant vibrance at night. On this recording we find our subject diving into the electric waters of the night sky, in long drives across the vast deserts of America. It's a recording about the discovery and understanding of the shadow, entrance to the realm not controlled by the light of day, or the logic of reason. It's about confronting nocturnal terrors and all of those things that go bump in the night. Understanding that the ancient archetypes which watch over us don't flinch, and stand firm across the spell of time. On "Along The Way" we sought the Macrobes for guidance, and on "Noctilucence" we see them taking real shape. Opening with a mantra to the perpetual regeneration of the spirit of love, crying out for new levels of confidence and consciousness to emerge from the human race, "Noctilucence" is a deep stare into the infinite eye of the shimmering night sky of the future, and all it holds in its gaze.

Mark McGuire, 2014

(DOC091 released: 11/11/14)

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    Earth: 2015
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