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Dead Oceans Remembers Miles Seaton

Posted on 02/19/2021

From Phil Waldorf (co-founder, Dead Oceans):

“Music and memories are so intertwined for me. Being part of Dead Oceans means so many great artists have enriched me, not just through their music, but through getting to know them as people. As family. Today we found out that we lost Miles Seaton, one-third of Akron/Family. The rush of memories is too many to count. The first time meeting them at a hot and sweaty Emo’s in Austin, TX and knowing I’d be a fan for life. Seeing them play at The Knitting Factory on New Years Eve (with members of Megafaun and countless others joining them onstage), ringing in a new year with all of the energy, love, happiness and possibility you feel from an Akron/Family show. Seeing them live at SXSW, sweaty once again, at the Mohawk, with all my friends and coworkers looking on, knowing how privileged we were to work with such a truly singular band. I remember hearing “River” recorded for the first time and knowing we were working with something special. I still stand by the 1-2 punch of “Everyone is Guilty” into “River” from Set ’Em Wild, Set ’Em Free as one of the all-time great openings of any album, ever. But it’s not just watching shows and listening to their music that underscores the relationship with Miles. It’s spending time eating BBQ in Lockhart TX. It is the time spent talking about weird jazz and hardcore records with your friend. It’s listening and learning from someone you feel lucky to be in the presence of, and even luckier they trust you to put out such important records into the world. Miles was one of a kind person, in a one of a kind band. It’s a rush of emotions. Akron/Family are the type of band that underscore the whole reason Dead Oceans exists. I feel lucky that I knew Miles, and sad that I have to say goodbye. We hope you’ll share some memories. There are too many for me to count right now.”