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Kevin Morby Shares Unreleased Song “Dumcane”

Posted on 05/04/2021

Today, Kevin Morby has shared the song “Dumcane,” an unreleased gem from the ‘Singing Saw’ era.  It comes just in time to ring in the record’s (belated) 5th birthday.

Give it a spin here

Praise for Kevin Morby

“[Sundowner] is a perfect afternoon under a big blue sky, a vision of the Midwest that feels mythical and enormous.” – Pitchfork

“The dawning of new love, the acceptance of profound loss, navigating an old life with a new set of eyes. The spirit of Sundowner fossilized in earnest.”
Aquarium Drunkard

“Sundowner has the feeling of a conversation a person is having with himself or his loved ones, trying to make sense of things with music that was at once fragile and roughhewn, music that gets at a core strain of Morby’s songwriting DNA while simultaneously suggesting the great emptiness of the Midwest American landscape.”

“one of Morby’s best and most intense records.” – Uproxx

“Sundowner…evokes alluring visions of middle American scenery: golden valleys, whooshing rivers, long stretches of empty highway, and the sun setting on a vast pastoral landscape. This imagery paired with Morby’s lyrical storytelling, capturing feelings of sorrow and tenderness, make for a heavily pensive record.” – Exclaim


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