| D.I.A.L.O. -

John Vanderslice


(DOC036 released: 01/26/2010)

“D.I.A.L.O.” is the second 7″ single taken from John Vanderslice’s 2009 release, Romanian Names. The song is a highlight from an album with no shortage of highlights, and paired with the exclusive non-album track “Do What You Want” makes for an incredible 1-2 punch. The fried out fuzz-pop of “Do What You Want” plays a perfect foil to the spacey sonics of “D.I.A.L.O.” Containing two instant classics, one per side, this is the way a great 7″ single should be.



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  • 1. D.I.A.L.O.
  • 2. Do What You Want