| Even If We Try b/w You Were Afraid -

Even If We Try b/w You Were Afraid

(DOC070 released: 09/18/2012)

The creative voice of Night Beds, Winston Yellen, hails from Nashville by way of Colorado Springs. The 23 year-old songwriter boasts a new, great American voice with a specific brand of intimate thirst that few musicians possess.

On “Even If We Try,” Yellen makes a stunning first step and displays his strength of sparseness. The a-side slowly builds in force from a wistful lullaby to an unexpectedly buoyant climax. The song centers around the singer’s desire to sever his past life and start anew. It’s that awkward and often terrifying feeling of distancing oneself from demons while realizing that they’re fundamental elements in gaining the confidence to move forward. “Even If We Try” was recorded in a self-built studio in the former home of Johnny Cash located in Hendersonville, TN. The song was formed on his drives to and from Nashville and Hendersonville.

The b-side “You Were Afraid” was the first song a then 18 year-old Winston Yellen wrote with Night Beds in mind. The song recounts the gut wrenching realization of an imminent end to a relationship and the bittersweetness that can come with it. “Even If We Try” b/w “You Were Afraid” is Night Beds debut 7″ for Dead Oceans and will be released on September 18th, 2012.

  • 1. Even If We Try
  • 2. You Were Afraid