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Head For The Hills

(DOC081dig1 released: 01/14/2014)

“Head For The Hills” is a new gem from Night Beds, but a familiar one to anyone who saw the band perform in support of 2013’s breakthrough debut, Country Sleep. In fact, “Head for the Hills” closed nearly every show the band played, shows that took them across the US and Europe a few times over. As the dates piled up, Night Beds found deeper and deeper grooves as a band; melodies became bolder, arrangements richer and sweeter, and Winston Yellen — the young man behind Night Beds — honed his voice to new, breathtaking heights.

Alongside all that, “Head for the Hills” was becoming a fan favorite, even as it lacked a recorded counterpart. And now, as the first new studio recording to emerge since Country Sleep, “Head for the Hills” is imbued with all that they’ve learned, expanding Night Beds’ palette and hinting at what’s to come.

Head For The Hills


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