| Moonshiner b/w Bridge To Gaia -

Kevin Morby

Moonshiner b/w Bridge To Gaia

(DOC108 released: 09/04/2015)

In anticipation of Kevin Morby’s Dead Oceans’ debut in 2016 and in support of a thorough fall touring schedule, we’re pleased to announce two new tracks for release this September. “Moonshiner” and Bridge To Gaia” are two unreleased gems from Morby’s reliably powerful, yet understated work.

Says Morby, “I wrote ‘Moonshiner’ a few years ago after reading what has become one of my favorite contemporary books: The Sisters Brothers. The book was very inspiring to me at that time and it pulled a few different songs out of me – ‘Moonshiner’ being the most directly influenced. The author, Patrick Dewitt, has since become a friend of mine – he has a new book coming out this fall which is to be his masterpiece. I highly recommend him to everyone. I wrote the b-side, ‘Bridge To Gaia,’ while on vacation in Porto, Portugal. I ended up there after a tour and it quickly became my favorite city in all of Europe. The apartment I was renting was at the foot of a bridge that would take you to the town across the river, Gaia. It, like everything about Porto, is immensely beautiful and inspiring. It’s a different beauty than I had ever experienced. There was almost something sinister to it. The clouds moved fast, there was always a bell tolling and all the school kids wore capes. This song came out of all that.”

  • 1. Moonshiner
  • 2. Bridge To Gaia