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Triathalon – SLEEP CYCLE

Triathalon - SLEEP CYCLE

Formed back in 2011 in Savannah, GA, Triathalon consists of Chad Chilton, Hunter Jayne and Adam Intrator. Over the years the band has experimented with multiple sounds, releasing 3 albums, one EP and has shared collaborations with several artists.


Their newest release “Sleep Cycle” blends fresh but familiar sounds; there’s a meditative quality to the music that is especially welcoming in the current climate. Mastered by long time collaborator Alex Previty, a few of the tracks across the EP have mantra-like lyrics – simple thoughts repeated over and over that twist and turn and slowly morph into subtle ear worms.

  • 1. CLOSER
  • 2. GARDEN 2
  • 3. NO SWORD
  • 4. ALONE
  • 5. BEACH
  • 6. YOU
  • 7. EH